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Retract Fingerswitch

Retract Micro dissection needle

Retract by Prima Medical

The Retract Micro dissection needle is a monoplolar handswitch that incorporates a tungsten needle electrode that can be extended and retracted. Retract offers the surgeon a far higher degree of accuracy and control in microsurgery. Retract greatly reduces the risk of needle stick/ sharps injuries.

  • Needlestick injuries eliminated- the needle lives in the handle !
  • Extendible needle length 7mm or 14mm
  • Precise ergonomic control
  • Used needle safely retained in housing


RETRACT FINGERSWITCH- With retractable micro dissection needle

Terminated With Connector To Fit:-

Valleylab, BOWA Erbe ICC Int’l Erbe VIO, Eschmann Conmed, 3m cable
Pack quantity 10

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