Macroseal 2

Macroseal 2

Tissue Sealing forceps with smoke evacuation.

Macroseal 2™ with smoke evacuation is a unique and patented monopolar tissue sealing device with smoke evacuation. Its highly innovative design has solved multiple problems with traditional forcep designs. Including the removal of surgical smoke.

Smoke evacuation
The unique and patent pending design is the first of a kind. Allowing for removal of surgical smoke at the tip of the forcep. The hazards of surgical smoke are well known and documented. Actiseal 2 Bipolar fingerswitch ™ is the first and only forep that builds surgical smoke removal into its function.

Hand activation
Macroseal 2™ is a hand operated device, buttons on the side of the body are activated once tissue is grasped, and squeezed. No footswitch is required to activate the current. Macroseal 2™  comes as standard with Valleylab type 3 pin plug and is compatible with all most electrosurgery generators.

Non stick tips
Heat conducting non stick tips act to draw heat away from the surgical site, and therefore reduce eschar build up to the tip. Application of a PFTE coating further enhances the non stick capability to be the best on the market.


Macroseal 2 monopolar tissue sealing forceps

3 pin Connector

monopolar tissue sealing forceps

  • Tips enable tissue sealing by conducting the heat responsible for tissue adhesion away from the operative site
  • finish ensures adhesion free coagulation
  • Macroseal is activated by pressing buttons on the side – continued pressure activates the electrosurgery power

For use with all electrosurgery generators

Macroseal 2 smoke extraction forceps

International patents, design registrations and trade marks applied for on both product and tubing

Macroseal with 1,2mm tips, 4 metre cable and fingerswitch control
Pack quantity 20

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