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Super Vac Fingerswitch

Supervac  telescopic smoke evacuation fingerswitch


SuperVac by Prima Medical

Setting new standards in telescopic smoke evacuation pencils. Supervac ™ features a compact, slim-line deign that is lightweight and comfortable to hold. The unique and patented “floating buttons” allow for control without compromise, allowing greater reach for cavity surgery without having to screw on additional components.

  • Handle extends from 20mm to 85 mm enabling fingertip and deep cavity surgery to be performed using only one product.
  • Flexible and powerful
  • Puts vacuum where you need it
  • Comfortable triangular grip
  • Easy push/ pull carriage
  • Unique design is half the weight of other telescopic products offering greatly reduced hand fatigue. No heavy metal components required for telescopic affect.
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Terminated With Connector To Fit 3 Valleylab 3 pin connector

SUPERVAC- smoke evacuation fingerswitch with non stick blade electrode,  4 meter cable
Pack quantity 20
SUPERVAC PLASTIC- smoke evacuation fingerswitch with tungsten needle electrode,  4 meter cable
Pack quantity 20
SUPERVAC- smoke evacuation fingerswitch without electrode,  4 meter cable
Pack quantity 20

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