How can I order Prima Products?2023-08-13T08:59:55+01:00

If you are a distributor of medical / surgical products, get in touch via the details on our contact page and we can discuss a potential distribution agreement for Prima Medical products.

If you work in the purchasing department of a Hospital or Clinic, please contact us and we can put you in touch with your local Prima Medical Distributor.

If you are a surgeon, perioperative nurse or consultant looking to try Prima Medical products, please get in touch and we shall be happy to supply samples and put you in contact with our local distributor.

Can I use Prima products with any Electrosurgical Generator?2023-08-13T11:15:23+01:00

The great majority of the Prima Medical portfolio is compatible with every standard generator and pencil available on the market. The only exception to this is the ActiSeal™ Bipolar Smoke Evacuation Forcep, which is only compatible with generators equipped with the “hand activation” pin within the bipolar receptacle. Contact Prima Medical for further details.

Why surgical smoke is a silent danger?2023-08-13T09:00:51+01:00

Surgical smoke has been proven to contain a multitude of volatile organic compounds detrimental to respiratory health. Studies have shown that inhaling 1 gram of surgical smoke does equivalent damage to smoking 25-30 unfiltered cigarettes – please visit our “resources” page for further details.  

View Prima Medical’s ClearAir2 here

What are the benefits of using smoke evacuation systems during surgeries?2023-08-13T09:01:18+01:00

The main benefits of implementing surgical smoke management policies in the operating theatre are twofold. Firstly, and most obviously, such policies provide protection to surgeons and perioperative staff from the proven risks of long-term inhalation of surgical smoke.

Secondly, surgical smoke can significantly occlude the surgical site, leading to inferior visualisation and, in turn, worse outcomes for patients. This is especially true in procedures which involve significant cavity work.

View Prima Medical’s ClearAir2 here

What are the potential health risks associated with surgical smoke inhalation?2023-08-13T09:01:43+01:00

The health risks relating to surgical smoke are the subject of significant ongoing research. Depending on its components, surgical smoke can increase the risk of acute and chronic pulmonary conditions, cause acute headaches; irritation and soreness of the eyes, nose and throat; dermatitis and colic. Transmission of infectious disease may occur if bacterial or viral fragments present in the smoke are inhaled. The presence of carcinogens in surgical smoke and their mutagenic effects are also of concern. Please visit our “resources” page for more details.

View Prima Medical’s ClearAir2 here

What differentiates SuperVac from the other pencils?2023-08-13T09:02:20+01:00

SuperVac has been designed to meet the demands of surgeons worldwide. The unique, patented “floating buttons” allow for greater reach for cavity surgery, whilst removing the need to interrupt the procedure to adjust or screw on additional components to provide the telescopic effect.

Slimline and lightweight, the narrow 11mm diameter enables precision in control and optimal visualisation, even when working in cavities and areas of restricted vision.

Designed for use, the lightweight design and 360º swivel handle allow comfortable freedom of movement whilst reducing the risk of wrist fatigue, providing control without compromise.

View Prima Medical’s SuperVac here

Where can I use SuperVac?2023-08-13T09:02:43+01:00

SuperVac is appropriate for use in any procedure which would usually involve diathermic cutting and/or coagulation, from general surgery to plastic & reconstructive. Prima Medical does not recommend specific procedures.

View Prima Medical’s SuperVac here

When should I choose a Ceramic blade or a Non-stick blade?2023-08-13T09:03:13+01:00

Prima Medical’s electrosurgery scalpel incorporates Peripheral Plasma Blade technology, utilising a tungsten filament and ceramic core. This focused geometry creates a spark plasma at the blade edge, resulting in clean tissue dissection with minimal thermal injury.

The Prima Medical “non-stick” electrodes are designed to focus energy precisely on the target tissue, minimising eschar adhesión & tissue drag, providing efficient performance at low power settings & making surgical time more productive vs traditional stainless Steel electrodes.

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View Prima Medical’s Ceramic Blades here

When should I use a shielded Non-stick blade?2023-08-13T09:03:42+01:00

Shielded blades are recommended in cases where minimising peripheral damage is crucial to delivering a favourable outcome. Due to the additional insulation, the minimal active area of the blade allows for greater precision in the application of current, especially important in cosmetic and facial procedures.

View Prima Medical’s Non-stick Electrodes here

Do you have a specific electrode for tissue micro dissection?2023-08-13T09:04:09+01:00

Prima Medical “Cotswold” needle electrodes provide unparalleled precision and operative efficiency, enabling ease of use and resulting in better outcomes for patients and surgeons alike.

The fine tungsten tip of the allows for more precise delivery of the RF waveform to the target tissue than could be achieved by a traditional stainless steel electrode. Due to high fidelity of its profile, a focused spark plasma is created at very low power settings – This almost entirely eliminates tissue drag and thermal damage, resulting in reduced scarring for the patient whilst alleviating fatigue for the user.

View Prima Medical’s Cotswold Needles here

What differentiates Actiseal and Macroseal from the other forceps?2023-08-13T09:05:11+01:00

Prima Medical is proud to present ActiSeal & MacroSeal – the world’s first and only truly hand activated forceps, and the first and only forceps to offer integrated smoke evacuation. 

Our unique design and two-stage ergonomics put you in full control – able to manipulate, transect and coagulate tissue at the touch of a button. In addition, use of the “Buzz Me” Technique – whereby a non-powered forcep is used with a monopolar pencil for hemostatic effect – can be completely eliminated via the use of MacroSeal, offering a unique safety benefit with immediate real-world application.

 ActiSeal & MacroSeal are available with or without smoke evacuation and equipped with a range of different tip sizes, to meet the needs of every procedure.

View Prima Medical’s MacroSeal here
View Prima Medicals’s ActiSeal here

Why is Retract specifically designed for periocular surgery?2023-08-13T09:05:33+01:00

Designed as the ball-point pen for the surgical industry, Prima Medical’s Retract offers unprallelled fidelity of motion by placing the controls so close to the operative tip that the device becomes an extension of the finger.

Retract is a small scale fingerswitch that houses an ultra-sharp tungsten needle. The considered ergonomics of the device offer a greater level of accuracy in microsurgical procedures, especially when working around the eyes, and allows the needle to be retracted into the handle after use to protect against the risk of needlestick injury & cross-infection.

Ultra-fine, precise and lightweight, Retract is the ideal instrument for micro-surgery, offering perfect balance and surgical precision whatever the application.

View Prima Medical’s Retract here.